Indulge in Luxury Accommodation in harmony with nature without leaving Footprints

Appreciating Nature

Naara Eco-Lodge & Spa is celebration of its natural, Mozambican surrounds. Set in the midst of the indigenous bush, surrounded by the calm waters of Nhambavale Lake and just minutes away from an unspoilt, expansive beach this lodge offers its guests a true tropical, African experience.

Naara Eco-Lodge Surroundings 3

Thanking our Tropical Sun

Naara is intended to support rather than exploit nature. Renewable, solar-powered energy is incorporated into its design and ensure enough energy for all lights and small appliances. Individual solar geysers provides hot water to all tents without any negative impact in our environment. 80% of our energy needs are fulfilled by solar.

Kayaking at Naara Eco-Lodge

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

In order to decrease waste, we focus on minimizing the use of disposable items. We also separate all refusal as to ensure that organic matter feeds our fields and burnable items disappear into the air. Glass and tins are taken to Maputo, where they are handed in to collectors.

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Catching the Right Fish

Our kitchen is only supplied by products that have been acquired through ethical and sustainable means. As much as possible, we purchase our fresh products from locally grown organic fields and seafood from responsible local fishermen.

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Less Carbon Emissions

We support local and regional products. Because Mozambique is still unable to produce items that meet our standards, we still need to import a few goods from South Africa and other neighbouring countries, such as fine wines, cheese and other delicatessen products. We only import goods requiring transport if we really need them and cannot find them in any local markets.

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