Enjoy the beach with its pristine warm waters, only you and the boundless sea. Chidenguele Beach, an absolute must!

The ocean is very close to Naara, with the unblemished beach of Chidenguele being just 2 km away. A wide variety of fish and other marine species live in the warm waters of Mozambique, turning its coasts into perfect fishing, snorkeling and diving safari destination.

Guests can either sunbathe by the water, or they can explore the sea by taking part in some of the fun activities on offer. These include: snorkeling, Kite surfing, swimming, whale-watching, sailing and wind surfing and fishing.

The pristine, clear tropical warm waters of the Mozambican ocean invite even the less adventurous among us to dive in. Keeping the comfort of our guests in mind, we have shades and chairs on the beach for our guest’s exclusive use. An absolute paradise, the soft, white sandy beach with its water glittering like jewels in the warm sun…

Chidenguele Beach is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.



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