Food for the Soul

We have matured fine recipes that merge local ingredients with concepts of gourmet international cuisine. While enjoying fine dining, our guests can appreciate the exquisite views of the Nhambavale Lake.

Guests may also choose to dine privately on their own veranda or dine on the pier overlooking the sensational moon rise.

Our Kitchen

Naara lodge is intended to support, rather than exploit nature. All produce, vegetables and fruits supplied to our kitchen are organic and grown locally or regionally. Our seafood is acquired through sustainable and ethical means, mostly purchased from community based fishermen therefore ensuring our fish is always fresh.

Organic Ingredients

Through partnership with our community, Naara also grows organic vegetables to add to our unique tasting meals.

Sample 4 Course Menu

Refreshing starter
Fresh mozzarella and organic cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with basil and infused with a balsamic vinegar reduction, served with home-made bread.

Followed by a delicious Soup
Butternut soup infused with coconut cream.

Opening space for the grand main course
Prawns simmered in coconut milk with fresh tomatoes with a dash of chilli and coriander, finished with chunks of fresh cheese served inside a pumpkin.

Ending with a heavenly desert
Delicious passion fruit mousse with homemade dark chocolate hairs.



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