Naara Eco-Lodge is situated 260 kilometers from Maputo on the EN1 (national road), just 60km north of Xai-Xai. The closest village to the lodge is Chidenguele. A sandy road takes one to the edge of Nhambavale, an alluring 20km long fresh water lake that is surrounded by indigenous bush. The lodge is located further away from Chidenguele village making our guests feel they are deep into Africa.

Our Immense Fresh-Water Lake

Naara Eco-Lodge Fresh-Water Lake

Our luxury tented camp is surrounded by indigenous bush right on the banks of the Nhambavale. Not only does this expansive calm lake serve as a very tranquil, picturesque backdrop for the lodge, but it offers our guests entertainment in the form of swimming, fresh water fishing, kayaking, wind surfing and kite surfing. At the lodge, birding, nature and community walks are also on offer, with the full moon rise walk being a must!

Our Unspoiled Beach

The ocean is easily accessible, with the unspoilt beach of Chidenguele being just 2 km away. A wide variety of fish and other marine species live in the warm waters of Mozambique, turning its coasts into the perfect fishing, snorkeling and diving safari destination. Guests can either sunbathe by the water, or they can take part in some of the activities on offer (snorkeling, kite surfing, whale-watching, sailing, wind surfing and fishing).



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