It is easy to arrive at Naara

Self drive from Maputo to Chidenguele Village (260kms)

Naara is located in Chidenguele, only 260kms north of Maputo and a mere 60kms from Xai-Xai. Depending on how much traffic you get leaving Maputo, you can arrive in Chidenguele in only 3 hours if you average 70 km/hour. So, it is the perfect place to getaway for weekends! The National Road from Maputo (EN1) has been totally redone therefore the driver will not find any pot-holes on the way. The safe speed is 100-120 kms/hour but in some areas the driver will need to drive at 60-80 kms as per road signage.

Self drive from Chidenguele Village to Naara (15kms)

Once you arrived in Chidenguele, you will see signs showing you the way to Naara Eco-Lodge and Spa. You will need a 4×4 to get to us, once you arrive the fun begins! So, set yourself up for an adventure knowing that if you have any problems on the way you can call us and we will come and get you!

Park your car in Chidenguele Village and we will come get you!

If you do not have a 4×4 or if you just not in the mood to do a self drive, we have a well signed and secure parking space in Chidenguele, where you can park your car and we would be happy to drive you at a nominal cost.

Self drive from Southern Part of the Kruger Park (370 kms)

If you are in the Kruger, Naara Eco-Lodge is less than half day away! If you exit at Crocodile Bridge exit, you will be at the Komatiport Border in less than 20 minutes. Once you pass the border, you will drive on an open free-way style road to reach Maputo which is +/- 100kms away. Just before Maputo, there will be signs to Xai-Xai. Just follow those signs and you will join the EN1 which will take you directly to Chidenguele. Naara Eco-Lodge is about 260kms north on the EN1 from Maputo.

Self drive from the Central Part of the Kruger Park (250 kms)

This is our preferred way! You get to spend time in the most exciting areas of the Kruger Park and you are able to cross to Mozambique through the Kruger border without even leaving the Kruger Park! So easy and smooth! Once you are in Mozambique, you will drive through the Limpopo National Park, which is a continuation of the Kruger Park. The drive is an adventure on its own as you go through small towns and rural villages of Mozambique. About 100 kms is on a dirt road (no 4×4 necessary but a high car is advise for comfort reasons) and you will reach the EN1 just south of Bilene. From there it will be about an estimated 100 kms drive on a well paved road to Chidenguele village..

Naara Eco-Lodge Directions



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